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The Complete Guide to SBC Cavani

From the SBC to the player himself, today is all about “El Matador”

Arsenal FC v Paris Saint-Germain - UEFA Champions League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Edinson Cavani received a special 87-rated SBC card for hitting the career milestone of 300 goals. The PSG and Uruguay forward received an upgraded 86-rated card during the Ratings Refresh, and already has 87-,88-,89- and 90-rated special items in FIFA 17.


Edinson Cavani’s “300 Milestone” SBC contains two relatively simple challenges, centered around Cavani’s past and present teams.

“Cavani’s Past” requires you to turn in an 83-rated team with 2 Palermo and 2 Napoli players, with a minimum of 4 clubs and 95 chemistry. This challenge is relatively expensive if you do not own any Palermo and Napoli players, but can be completed for around 27K on either console if you have loyalty, and around 30K if you don’t. You get a jumbo premium gold pack for your troubles, so while you probably won’t make your money back, you’ll get a decent amount of coins.

“Cavani’s Present” requires you to turn in a 77-rated team with 2 PSG and 2 Uruguayan players, with a minimum of 4 nationalities and 95 chemistry. This challenge is far, far easier, and can be completed for less than 10K on either console. If you have any players in your club, this can be done essentially for free, thanks to the low team rating. You get a premium gold pack here, so you won’t make much of a loss.

Overall, the SBC will set you back around 35K before rewards, and even with terrible pack luck, you’ll make at least 10K back. All-in-all, you’ll walk away with an 87-rated SBC Cavani for just 25K.

The Card

Let’s take a look at Cavani’s SBC card.

SBC Cavani

He has 78 pace, 81 dribbling, 86 shooting, 74 shooting and 81 physical. His in-game stats are very impressive:

SBC Cavani IG Stats

Some key stats are his 90 positioning, 87 finishing, 88 shot power, 86 reactions, 92 heading and 91 stamina.

With the hawk chemistry style (which is what I used on him) he becomes a truly elite attacker.

SBC Cavani IG Stats (w/ Hawk)

He receives a significant pace boost, making him a very quick attacker, as well as ridiculous shooting stats and very impressive physical stats.

I’ve used Cavani for 8 games, and he has scored me 9 goals and got 4 assists (all Div. 1).

With the Hawk chemistry style, he’s very quick - he feels a lot faster in game than his stats would suggest. His acceleration is fantastic, and his top speed is good enough to beat a lot of defenders.

What makes Cavani truly unique is how clinical he is. Inside the box, he is lethal, and can put away any chance that falls to him. His 3* weak foot can cause a few problems, but on his strong foot, he can score any type of shot (finesse, power, chip or low driven) from any angle. He’s always in the right place at the right time, thanks to his high positioning, and when he gets a chance, 9 times out of 10, it’s in the back of the net. His long shots are ridiculous too - no matter where he is on the field, if he has a clear sight of goal, let him take the shot.

His physicality is a key part of what makes this card so good - his high stamina means he can run all game long, and his high aggression and strength allow him to hold his own against most players, and make him a handful for defenders. He is lethal in the air too, if you are a player who relies on crossing.

His passing is decent, and he’s great as a player who holds up the play whilst the other players find space around him. His dribbling is world-class - his first touch is perfect, and the ball sticks to his feet as he dribbles.

Overall, he’s one of the best out-and-out forwards I have used this year. He’s a goalscorer, it’s as simple as that, and one of the best in the game.

Should you do the SBC?

Quite simply - YES. For 25K, you are getting one of the best, most clinical finishers in the game. He is lethal in and around the box, and his unique combination of power, pace, incredible shooting stats and decent passing and dribbling make him one of the best out-and-out forwards in the game.

His nation allows him to be linked to Suarez, and his club and league allow him to be easily incorporated into Ligue 1 or French squads, or more complex and intricate hybrids.

I cannot recommend “El Matador” highly enough - this SBC card is one you need to get before it’s gone.