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Wylan Cyprien - the best in the business

Don’t let his price-tag fool you - this is one of the best midfielders in the game.


Today, we’ll be looking at a newly upgraded card - the 78-rated Wylan Cyprien. The 22-year old Nice midfielder has burst onto the scene this year, and is quickly becoming one of Ligue 1’s hottest prospects.

He started the year with a 71-rated silver card, and has received a 74-rated silver inform. He has been upgraded heavily from his base card, receiving +2 pace, +5 dribbling, +13 shooting, +12 passing and +11 defending and physical.

In-game stats:

His newly upgraded card has some incredible in-game stats:

Cyprien IG Stats

Some of the most notable ones are 80 positioning, 84 agility, 81 dribbling, 80 standing tackle, 81 vision, 87 short passing, 80 stamina and 85 strength.

When used on 10 chemistry with the basic chemistry style, his stats become borderline ridiculous for a 78-rated card.

Cyprien with Basic Chem. Style

With that chemistry style, he receives a significant pace and defensive boost, great shooting stats, even better dribbling and passing, and incredible physical stats.

I used him in the following team (I swap Cyprien and Ben Arfa in-game):

My Div. 1 Squad

The team was incredible, and I managed to retain the Div. 1 title without a single loss. The midfield was the highlight of the team - Ben Arfa, Sanches, Cyprien and Sanson dominated any opposition they encountered. I’ll almost certainly be taking this team into the next Weekend League.


Here are my stats with Cyprien:

Price: 850 coins

Games: 15

Goals: 4

Assists: 8

Chem. Style: Basic

I’ll be structuring reviews slightly differently - instead of going stat-by-stat, I’ll be talking about Cyprien’s pros and cons.


+ His physicality is a game-changer - his strength is unreal. With the basic chem style, he has 90 strength, allowing him to dominate almost any player he encounters. He is incredibly hard to outmuscle, making him the perfect player to hold-up the play or win the ball back. He has the stamina to run all game long, making him a threat from the first minute to the last. His jumping and aggression are more than sufficient, allowing him to win balls in the air, and bully players off the ball.

+ His movement is incredible - on 10 chemistry with the basic chem style, he has 86 acceleration, 78 sprint speed, 85 positioning and 77 interceptions. These stats allow him to control every aspect of the game - he is fast enough to break away from defenders, or recover after a missed tackle. His positioning means he pops up in the perfect place to make a killer pass, or take a shot at goal. His interceptions stat feels a lot higher in game, allowing him to cut out passes with ease, and win back possession.

+ His passing is fantastic - with the basic chem style, he has 86 vision, 92 short passing, and 84 long passing. These are the stats you would expect to find on an 85+ rated player. He can link up the play beautiful, threading through balls with ease, and consistently making long range passes that hit the target.

+ He can finish his chances - with close to 80 finishing, shot power and longshots, he’s a threat from anywhere in and around the box.

+ His dribbling is very good - with 89 agility, 83 ball control and 86 dribbling, he feels composed on the ball, and his first touch is always reliable. He’s not going to weave in and out of defenders, but he can cause some trouble if you know how to dribble.


- 3* weak foot and skill moves - as you know by now, I love those 4* skills. I find 3* skills to be very restricting, especially in situations where your opponent knows how to defend. His 3* weak foot means that you have to often take a couple of seconds to get the ball onto his strong foot before playing a pass or taking a shot, which can be a problem.


As you can see, Upgraded Wylan Cyprien is a fantastic, cheap beast. He excels in almost all areas of the game, and plays well above his rating. He’s one of my favorite midfielders this year, and is going to be in many of the teams I make this year.

Rating: 9.5/10

Value for Coins: 10/10