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IF Ben Yedder - an elite attacker

He lives up to the hype.

Sevilla FC v Olympique Lyonnais - UEFA Champions League
Wissam Ben Yedder
Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Today, we'll be looking at one of the most overpowered special cards in the game - IF Wissam Ben Yedder. His regular card is already incredible, and a mainstay of most cheap or RTG teams. Ben Yedder has received a sizable upgrade on this IF card, the most noticable of which are his +9 shooting and +5 passing upgrades.

IF Ben Yedder has some incredible IG stats, including 90 positioning, 91 finishing, 94 agility, 89 balance, 87 dribbling, 85 short passing, 80 heading accuracy and 83 stamina. He also has a 5* weak foot and 4* skill moves, the dribbler, acrobat and poacher specialities, and the crucial "Tries to beat defensive line", flair and "Technical dribbler" traits.

IF Ben Yedder stats.

I used him with the hawk chemistry style, which boosts his pace and shooting into the 90s and his physical into the 70s.

IF Ben Yedder stats with a Hawk chemistry style.

I've used in in a variety of teams, at both ST and CAM. With the hawk chemistry style, he's 89 rated as a striker, and 87 rated as a CAM.


My Statistics

Price: 34,000 coins (now runs for around 45k)

Games: 15

Goals: 15

Assists: 9

Chemistry Style: Hawk

Let's get into the review.

Pace: 10/10

He's lightning fast. With the hawk chemistry style, he has 96 acceleration and 88 sprint speed, making him one of the fastest players in the game. He can his top speed virtually instantly, and once he starts running, he is rarely caught. Combine this with his great stamina and his sensational agility and dribbling stats, and he's virtually uncatchable.

Shooting: 10/10

His shooting is one of the best I've used this year, only behind Ronaldo, Bale and TOTGS Giuliano. His positioning is perfect - he's always in the right place, and is always making perfect runs past the defensive line. He has incredible finishing - he can score from any angle, with any kind of shot. His driven shots are very powerful, and he can rifle one into the bottom corner with ease, and his finesse shots are just ridiculous - he can bend them in from ridiculous angles. He also has great long shots - he's a threat from anywhere within 35 yards. Thanks to his 5* weak foot, he's equally deadly on either foot, which makes this card unique. You never need to worry about which foot you're shooting with - he can score with ease no matter which side he shoots with.

Dribbling: 10/10

His agility is near perfect - he can turn instantly, is perfectly responsive. His high balance, ball-control and dribbling mean that he can control the ball perfectly, and is hardly ever knocked over. Throw in his 4* skills, and he becomes a handful to deal with - he can pull of skills perfectly, rarely misplacing the ball. When he's running, the ball is stuck to his feet, and his first touch is perfect. No matter where or how he receives the ball, he can control it.

Passing: 10/10

Ben Yedder is a fantastic playmaker - he has unbelievable vision, and the ability to pull off even the hardest passes. His short passing is perfect - he never misplaces a pass, and can consistently feed strikers with pin-point passing and perfectly weighted through balls. Even his long passing and crossing is fantastic, making him a threat from all parts of the field. He whipe a perfect ball in, or ping a pass the whole way ip the field with ease.

Defending: N/A

He wasn't too involved in defending, but he has decent heading accuracy, allowing him to tuck away difficult chances.

Physical: 8/10

IF Ben Yedder has great jumping - he's not an aerial threat due to his small stature, but he wins his fair share of headers. His stamina is crucial - he can run for the whole 90 minutes, and can hit top spped right until the last minute of the game. His strength and aggression are low, but he feels stronger in game than his stats suggest. He can hold off a lot of midfielders and full-backs, as well as some defensive mids and center-backs. His agility and balance play an important part in his ability to shrug off opponents, but he does get muscled off the ball by players stronger than him.


He's one of the best players in the game. He's made for this game, armed with all the stats and traits that make a player overpowered this year. He can score almost every chance he gets, and can do it with either foot. He has incredible dribbling and passing stats, as well as the pace to terrorize defenders. For <40K, you're getting a truly elite player. He feels like a 90+ rated player in game, and is pleasure to use.

Overall, I cannot recommend him highly enough - he’s one of the best players I’ve ever used.