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FUT Champions Monthly Rewards are changing, beginning with March 2017’s

After a bunch of feedback, changes are incoming.

EA announced a brand new monthly reward distribution model for the FUT Champions Weekend League Wednesday, introducing a system that sees players rewarded better for every tier they eclipse.

Here’s the official tweet, detailed with an infographic that displays all the changes:

This is in contrast to the previous model, which only saw rewards increase as you progressed through reward brackets (Silver, Gold, Elite, etc.). Now, for just grinding through one more tier, e.g. Gold 3, you’ll be given better prizes. But the cost of not making it from Gold 1 to Elite 3 or, say, Silver 1 to Gold 3 also increase.

For many of us — including the Weekend Leaguers on our staff — the previous reward structure had grown stale. By mixing it up, the FIFA 17 production team’s given all FUT Champs players more incentive than ever to get back at it (or stick with it). Now we’ll have to see what they do when Team of the Season rolls around.