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Daily Knockout Tournament Squad Builders: Electrum Squads

It’s all about those over-powered silvers.

Everton v Burnley - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

In this series, I will be creating squads for you to use in the Weekend League or Daily Knockout Tournaments. These squads will meet the requirements of these tournaments and competitions that they were built for, and will be divided up into tiers based on their prices.

Today, we’ll be looking at the Daily Knockout Tournament (DKT) that kicks off on the 17th of April.

Prizes: 500 coins, Electrum Players Pack, and Entry into the Weekend League.

Requirements: Maximum of eight gold players in your starting XI and subs.

As you can see, the tournament is designed to make you try out a couple of the silver gems this year. As there are only eight gold players allowed, you should probably have all of them in your starting XI, and then fill out the rest of the team and bench with silvers.

The best approach in a tournament like this is fill the crucial positions of your team with good gold players, and then pad out the remaining positions with silvers. In this game, it is crucial to have a good goalkeeper, solid center backs, a couple of good central midfielders, talented wingers, and a clinical striker. The positions I left out are the full-back slots, where a good amount of pace, defending and physical is all you need, and a midfield slot, where all you need a decently well-rounded card.

20K Option

The first option is a cheap Premier League/Bundesliga hybrid.

DKT Option 1

It has a solid keeper in Karius, two strong, fast and over-powered centerbacks in Van Dijk and Tah, a good field in Goretzka and Rode, and then a pacy, skillful strike-force in Martial, Bellarabi and Remy.

The three silvers here are Haps, who is an incredible LB, Klostermann, who has all the height, pace and strength needed for an RB, and the over-powered Fosu-Mensah.

50K Option

For 50K, we’ve built a Premier League/Ligue 1 squad.

DKT Option 2

The team has an incredibly strong defense (complete with Butland, Bailly and Smalling), an overpowered midfield, and a fearsome strikeforce.

The three silvers are Dalbert (who far out plays his card stats), Sertic (who has better stats than most gold midfielders) and Ninga, whose upgraded card has incredible shooting, pace and physical stats.

150K Option

Finally, we have a Belgian/Premier League/Norwegian squad.

DKT Option 3

Once again, we go with the Smalling-Bailly-Butland defense, a Belgian left-hand side in Lukaku, Nainggolan and Mertens, a Norwegian perfect link in Svensson and Helland down the right, Yaya and De Bruyne in the midfield, and then Romelu Lukaku up front.

The three silvers are Lukaku, who is an absolute tank, and then the Norwegian hyperlink of Svensson and Helland. Svensson is an incredible full-back, and plays like a mid-rated gold card, whilst Helland has the 4* skills, decent shooting and physical, and with a good chemistry style, is incredibly fast.


  1. As always, you can use Legends!
  2. You want to pack your bench with silver players for every position. You want a 74-rated GK, a 72-74 rated CB, a fast RB/LB, a 70+ rated midfielder with high defending and physical, a 74 rated attacking midfielder with 4* skills, good dribbling and good shooting, and then a 74 rated winger with 4* skills, good shooting and pace, and finally, a 74 rated striker with good pace, shooting and physicality.
  3. Check the fitness levels of the silver players before each game - they have significantly lower stamina than golds, and therefore should start each game with 99 stamina.
  4. Start with the 8 golds on the field - they’ll do a lot more with 10 chemistry than being subbed on with 6 chemistry. The silver players you sub on will not be boosted as much by chemistry styles, so bringing them on with 6 chemistry and full fitness will still be effective.