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FIFA 17 now available in EA Access Vault

Fresh meat incoming!

FIFA 17 is about to get an injection of new users. Much like Christmas time when all the kiddos unwrap the game from under their tree, the next big influx of players into the game is when EA make the game available to their EA Access members for free. Well, that day is today.

Every subscriber to EA Access will now have the ability to download FIFA 17 and play it as long as they want. So, what does this mean to the hardcore fan base who has been playing since day one? FRESH MEAT!

Just like during the holidays, we’re going to see more players than ever enter the FIFA ecosystem. This likely means, more special packs, more SBC’s, more everything! EA will want to take advantage of this boost in users by wooing them with the best they have to offer.

If you’re a new user and want to try out FIFA 17, EA Access is $4.99 a month or $29.99 for a full year and gives you access to the whole EA Access Vault that includes previous FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, Battlefield, and UFC titles just to name a few. Also, EA Access members get a 10% discount on FIFA points, should you be interested in buying some of those to open the packs we’re sure to get. A subscription will also get you a 10-hour trial to most new EA titles such as FIFA 18 coming next Fall.

It’s an exciting time to be a FIFA fan will Team of the Season right around the corner and more releases coming every couple of days.