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FUT Champions Weekend League, 7th Birthday SBC extended after downtime

Due to connection issues, EA have extended this Weekend League.

Over the last 12 hours, FUT has experienced serious connectivity and server issues, resulting in many players being unable to access FUT, or being frequently disconnected from games.

As a result, EA have decided to extend this weekend’s FUT Champions Weekend League.

EA Live Message regarding WL Extension
EA Sports FIFA

The Weekend League has been extended until Monday, giving players an additional 24 hours to complete their 40 games (25 for PC players).

The Daily Knockout tournaments have also been pushed back as a result, and will resume after the Weekend League concludes on Monday.

In addition to the WL being extended, EA have also pushed back the expiry of the FUT Birthday Day 7 SBC until Saturday. The FUT Birthday Day 8 SBC has been released as usual.