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FIFA Mobile's 'Euro Tournament' program, with Real Madrid, Atletico, Juventus, and Monaco

Don’t you dare call it you know what.

Real Madrid CF v Valencia CF - La Liga Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

The just about highest of highest stakes Madrid derby along with Juve-Monaco are finally here, and with them a new FIFA Mobile plan straight out of this past fall’s MLS Playoff plan’s playbook.

The premise is simple: collect Madrid, Atleti, Juve, and AS Monaco players by redeeming elite players, elite trophies, and tickets, obtainable for the aforementioned plus tokens, which will likely be unlockable from events and/or packs. If the players you build advance to the finals, their ratings go up. And if their club wins it all in Cardiff, you’re going to have a super OP player on your hands.

Here’s the official in-game text, per EA:

1. Get a Semi-Finals Ticket from Plans or get the Semi-Finals Pass from the Store which can be used in all Semi-Finals Plans.

2. Use your Ticket in one of two Europe Tournament Player Plans (depending on which Ticket you got).

3. Wait for real world match results.

4. If your Player's Team won, your Player Item can proceed into the Finals for further upgrades.

5. If your Player's Team wins the Finals, you can upgrade him in the Winners Plans!

Note that Plan requirements will increase after the Player's Team has won. Purchase Store Packs to help you finish Europe Tournament Plans and get these great Players for your lineup!

The players look pretty enticing with a lot of the usual suspects on hand. From our friends at Futhead:

You can read more about all the specifics of the Plans and how to build them at Futhead as well.