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‘Vitality Rocky’ tops ‘xShellzz’ to win FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship

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A new winner has been crowned in Berlin.

EA Sports

On Saturday, Xbox Champion Corentin ‘Vitality Rocky’ Chevrey beat London native and PS4 Champion Shaun ‘xShellzz’ Springette by an aggregate scoreline of 5-4 in the cross-console Grand Final of the Berlin Ultimate Team Championships to be named the best FIFA player in the world.

Chevrey made a significant splash among international audiences back in February, after his third-place finish in the Paris Regional Final, but he’s been big name in the FIFA esports scene for a while. He had a top three finish in the Gfinity ‘Play Like a Legend’ Grand Final in FIFA 15, a top four finish in the Gfinity ‘Play Like a Legend’ in Season 2 for FIFA 16, and a top 10 finish in the ESWC for FIFA 17.

He was beaten by Tassal ‘Hashtag Tass’ Rushan in the Paris Xbox divisional final, but the reigning French e-championship title holder and two-time French champion for FIFA 16 and FIFA 17 clearly did not forget that loss.

Springette, on the other hand, was a relative nobody in this tournament; he was not on anyone’s radar coming into yesterday. This player made his live competitive gaming debut at the 2017 Season One Regional Final in Paris. And in that debut, he was able to reach the PS4 lower bracket final and automatically qualify for the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship in Berlin.

A Ronaldo goal, just ten minutes in, gave the PS4 Champion a 1-0 first-leg lead on his home console. The scoreline stayed the same until the half, but Rocky had a few wonderful chances to equalize. In the second half, Shellzz had a few golden opportunities to extend his lead but thanks to Manuel Neuer, the score stayed the same. Rocky bounced back with two quick goals in the coming minutes and the first leg ended 2-1 to the Xbox Champion.

In the second leg, Shellzz came out swinging to peg Rocky back two goals in the opening 20 minutes. The back-and-forth affair continued as Rocky got right back into it, tying the aggregate scoreline.

However, Shellzz held a solid 3-1 advantage in the second leg (4-3 on aggregate) with about a third of the leg to go. Rocky scored again to make it 4-4 on aggregate but still trailed due to Shellzz’s number of away goals.

Then came the drama. A controversial non-clearance spelled doom for the PS4 Champ.

Instead of clearing, Shellzz opted to play out the ball and in turn gave away possesion. Rocky turned and punished the Brit with a lethal finish, making it 5-4 on aggregate and ringing the death knell on his FUT Champions run.

So that does it for now. We’ll have a round-up of the second half of the Knockout Stages coming shortly, as EA Sports’ stream was corrupted in the middle of the tournament and we were unable to view most of the round.

In the meantime, these players will be getting ready for the 2017 FIFA Interactive World Cup, and we’ll have coverage on that coming soon as well.