World Cup 2022 results: the best player of the championship

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is literally the most remarkable sporting event in Qatar in recent years. The country has successfully hosted such a significant soccer championship, allowing 32 well-known teams to take part in the competition. A total of 64 games were held in eight modern, spacious arenas. However, modern soccer is not only a decisive championship for the players, but also a spectacular gamble for the fans. Any bet made on 1xBet can win, and then you can get a pleasant surprise in the form of a large cash reward.

There were many arguments among fans and experts about which players were the most impressive at the championship in Qatar. The most impressive was the performance of the famous Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi.

This championship was, without exaggeration, the debut for everyone's favorite forward of the “Paris Saint-Germain” club. Fans of 1xBet betting also appreciated his game. Bettors predicted the Argentine team to take a confident lead in almost all matches of the tournament.

Successes of a popular soccer player

As you know, the Argentine team won the FIFA World Cup last year. According to the results of the World Championship 2022 in Qatar, Lionel Andres Messi, Argentina's forward, was declared the best player according to NBC. In addition to the undisputed leadership in the rankings, he has the most valuable award of the championship – the Golden Ball. To enjoy their team's victories, 1xBet promo code Sri Lanka is available especially for the most active fans. Choosing it, they can always count on generous bonuses of the famous bookmaker.

The statistics of the recently completed World Cup were completely in favor of Messi. Some of his most striking successes included:

  • three accurate assists that culminated in an opponent's goal;

  • four goals in four playoff games;

  • seven penalty shots.

Along with all these merits, Lionel was the only player in the history of soccer to win the Ballon d'Or twice.

The success of the best player of the World Cup 2022

According to influential soccer experts, Lionel Messi showed the highest class of play during the World Cup in Qatar. In 2022, he had more than 10 accurate goal combinations. It is remarkable that his record of 10 scored goals was comparable with the similar success of another popular Argentine player – Gabriel Batistuta. Messi was also ahead of Kempes, who managed to score six successful shots on goal in the 1978 World Cup. You can find out more about the best players of the World Cup on 1xBet website, and don't forget to enter promo code Sri Lanka. It's the right way to get big profits.

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