Why could Juventus be relegated again?

Seasoned fans remember the high-profile scandal associated with the Juventus team management, when they were punished with the revocation of titles and forced relegation to a lower league. This happened in the mid-2000s, when Juventus itself was a pretty big name team with titles and lots of stars. To see exactly how Juve played in those seasons, you can visit the website, which shows the livescore, as well as statistics on the performances of the top teams over the years. This story is interesting because such an example of harsh punishment for an entire club is hard to remember at least in the European Championship. However, in 2023 history could repeat itself.

On November 29, 2022, when Andrea Agnelli and all the members of the board of directors were no longer at the club, the prosecutor's office prepared a large report on the club's irregularities related to unjust enrichment. Sports lawyers say that the history of relegation from Serie A could happen again. Basically, all the charges involve accounting fraud, for which there could be 8 years in prison. There are many claims - there's also the deception of wages during the pandemic and the manipulation of figures on depreciation. In fact the club was spending far more than it was earning, which is a violation of financial fair play rules. For modern soccer, it is not only the final livescore that matters, but also the financial performance of the clubs. And here Juve has some complaints.

What will happen to the club in 2023?

It is unlikely that the team will be relegated back to the lower soccer league, despite all the accusations against it. To prove that there was a capital gain or overpricing in the case of players is technically impossible. Even if we judge individual athletes by their yesterday's football scores, it is impossible to name their real price. In the history of soccer, great players have often been bought cheaply, while blatantly weak players have been bought or sold for big money. The following facts can be highlighted here:

  1. The trial is sure to drag on.

  2. The federation has only once in history punished clubs for this kind of thing, and that was a monetary penalty to Chievo along with the removal of three points.

  3. In a civil court case, it is impossible to send a club to the lower league.

In practice, such moments with capital gains are seen in many other big clubs, which have to spend a lot of money on star salaries and other regular expenses. It is also important to take into account the pandemic factor when clubs began to forcibly lower salaries and change previously signed contracts. And the other problems, in the form of debts or unpaid taxes, Juve simply does not have. Therefore, fans, as yesterday, can continue to enjoy the football scores from the Turin players in top league games, just as they did before.

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