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Watch Ray Hudson call the best FIFA 17 goals

It’s not the DLC we speculated, but it’s pretty tremendous.

A producer named Fredrick tweeted two weeks ago a bunch of photos (and videos) of he in the studio with iconic football color commentator, Ray Hudson. Amongst the highlights, which were taken down (ostensibly at the urging of EA) post-haste, included Hudson calling a scorpion kick by Alex Hunter.

We (the royal we) were amongst those that speculated that this could be a preview of some Hunter DLC to come or possibly the FIFA 17 production team listening to fans and offering a spice up to the redundant/repackaged in-game English commentary that have monopolized our ears for at least two FIFAs now.

While that sadly doesn’t appear likely to be the case any longer, we did get an awesome end of 2017 video of some of the best FIFA 17 goals of the game’s still relatively young lifecycle. You can watch the awesomeness above. Included amongst them, is, you guessed it, Hudson calling a remarkable goal someone scored in this year’s “The Journey” with Alex Hunter.

All of the goals are remarkable and worth your time and whether you love or love to hate Hudson, hearing some of his hyperbole over FIFA can’t help but make you wonder what it’d be like if he was behind the mic for next year’s game.