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FIFA Mobile’s Blue Star program is live

Eden Hazard becomes FIFA Mobile’s first 100-rated player.

EA Sports

Chelsea F.C.’s dynamite midfielder/forward Eden Hazard is the new face of FIFA Mobile. With this announcement comes a brand new, unique program featuring the opportunity to earn the first 100-overall rated Player item.

There are multiple ways to work toward and upgrade to the 100-overall version of Hazard. The Belgian international comes in three versions: Striker, Center Attacking Midfielder, and Left Forward.

If you want to unlock the CAM Hazard, you will need a specific number of CAM Positional Tokens (while the ST Hazard requires ST Positional Tokens and the LF Hazard needs LF Positional Tokens). However, we have a Plan available that allows you to trade in Positional Tokens to earn a Hazard Token. Hazard Tokens serve as a wildcard Token that takes the place of a specific Positional Token.

There are ten iterations, termed ‘levels,’ that you must go through in order to reach the 100-overall item. Each level gradually unlocks a better version of Hazard. Since the card comes as either a ST, CAM, or LF card, you choose the position you want at the outset and progress from there.

Completing the Level One plan will get you an 85-OVR player. Level Two goes to 88, then 91, 93, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, with Level Ten finally rewarding you the 100-OVR item.

How the Program works

Completing the journey to 100-OVR Hazard basically boils down to the use of three types of tokens. Positional, Match, and Training tokens comprise the bulk of this program. According to EA:

From now and running through the summer, [FIFA Mobile] will have a series of Live Events and Pack offers available that reward you with the Tokens needed to unlock your first Eden Hazard Player item and eventually completing the rest of the Program.

Keep in mind that if you want to unlock the CAM Hazard, you will need a specific amount of CAM Positional Tokens, while the ST Hazard requires ST Tokens and the LF version needs LF Tokens. As always, there is a Plan that allows you to trade in Positional Tokens to earn another token you can use.

Here, the plan allows you to earn a Hazard Token, which can act as a wildcard that takes the place of the specific Positional Token you need.

As you unlock higher versions of Hazard, the boosts he offers to other players in the squad improves as well. Also, you are not restricted to only unlocking one version, i.e. just ST, CAM, or LF. If you want, you can complete the plans to get him at more than one position.

Much like the St. Patrick’s Day program, all the versions of Hazard here are untradeable. Stay on the lookout for the upcoming Live Events and Pack offerings available over the course of the spring and summer months, because according to the release, this program was built to last for a couple months. You can read EA’s full press release here.