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A guide to ‘Plans’ in FIFA Mobile, Part I

Let’s look at what these dang things do.

Club Atletico de Madrid v CA Osasuna - La Liga Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Plans are the best way of getting some of the best players in the game. They involve trading in a variety of tokens and/or players to receive an item or better player.

There are far too many plans for me to list then all, so here’s just a sample of some of the first plans you’ll encounter.


Tutorial: Right at the start of the game, there are seven tutorial exercises to do, which help you get used to the game. Completing each of these will earn you a ‘Tutorial’ token, and trading in all seven will earn you a free Pro Pack, containing five players - two bronze or better, two silver or better and one gold or better.

Daily Warm Up: This plan is very simple. Trade in two ‘Daily Warm Up’ tokens (received from completing the ‘Daily Warm Up’ live event) and you get a free Pro Pack.

Training: Trading in 20 Training tokens will earn you a Discardable coins token (normally between 250 and 750), but it also unlocks the ‘Training Grounds’ live event.

Game Changers: Trading in 15 Game Changers tokens will earn you a silver or better Game Changers player.

Veterans: Trade in 15 Veterans tokens will earn you a silver or better Veterans player.

Rookies: Trade in 15 Rookies tokens will earn you a silver or better Rookies player.


Now, let’s look at what the ‘Upgrades’ tab has to offer, and what use the various trophies you’ve surely come in contact with mean. While a lot of these plans are not worth it (with the reward you get being far cheaper than the cost to make them) some of the easier ones are worth completing, purely to get closer to Reus.

There are 3 main types of ‘Upgrade’ plans.

The first ones are where you can trade in 10 bronze, silver or gold players and get two, six or 10 random trophies, depending on which set you do. These have also been scaled up recently, so you can trade in 100 of the players and get 20, 60 or 100 trophies.

The second type of plans allow you to trade in five bronze to get a silver, five silver to get a gold, and five gold to get an elite. Sometimes, if you are just planning on selling them, then it is worth keeping the silver and gold ones, as it is often more profitable to sell them individually than it is to trade them in for one of the gold or elite ones.

The third part of the area of plans is where you can put these trophies to good use, as you can trade them in in a variety of plans to receive a player or token.

Player Pull - One silver trophy gets you a random player.

Out of Position - Five bronze, five silver and five gold trophies gets you an Out of Position Player.

Quicksell - Four bronze, four silver and four gold trophies will get you a quick sell token, worth between 100 coins and 200,000 coins.

Gold Player - Two bronze, two silver and one gold trophy will get you a random gold base player.

Elite Player - Four silver, two gold and 11 elite trophies will get you a random elite player.

Goalkeeper - One silver and two gold trophies will get you a silver or better goalkeeper.

Flashback - Five gold and 21 elite trophies will get you a Flashback player.

Trophy Monster - 200 elite trophies will get you a 92 rated Eden Hazard.

Joker - 250 elite trophies will get you a joker token, which can be used in place of any tokens needed to get complete any plan.

There’s way too much we’ve left out here in terms of how ‘Plans’ can be used in FIFA Mobile. We’ve only just scraped the surface with this piece, so check back tomorrow for Part II, because this guide has been broken into two parts to include all the information necessary.