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A guide to ‘Plans’ in FIFA Mobile, Part II

Here’s more on what these dang things do.

Club Atletico de Madrid v Leicester City - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final: First Leg Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

So yesterday, we took a look at the basic nature of ‘Plans’ in FIFA Mobile - be sure to check out the Part I, if you’re so inclined. Today, we’re talking about the more interesting/time-consuming ones, which gift you better rewards.

Let’s start with the Domination plans, which require 10 Stamina per turn. Now, you may be wondering why EA is asking you to sacrifice 10 Stamina for this one event; well, here’s your answer.


There are two players who have received a Domination event. Firstly, James Rodríguez was once the only Domination Player. However, last week, EA introduced us another one in the form of Ángel Di María.

To unlock both of them, you have to receive 10 different Domination Attack (red) and Domination Defense (blue) tokens. If you receive a duplicate token, don’t worry, you can quick sell it for 25 coins or trade in two tokens, plus a gold trophy, for another random token. All of the tokens you receive will be for Di María, but you can still exchange the tokens for Rodríguez ones.

After you get the 10 different attacking or defending tokens, you trade them in for an Attacking/Defending Expert token. Once you have both of these, you can complete the plan which unlocks 99-rated CF James Rodríguez, or the brand-new RF Di María.

If you don’t like having James at CF, you can trade him in, along with two elite trophies, to move him to CAM. But be warned - once you move him, there is no changing back, and his new CAM card has slightly different stats to his CF, for some reason.


There are three different plans relating to the ‘Team of the Week’ and ‘Player of the Month.’ Each TOTW will feature 11 players - five golds, five elites, and a Master In Form (MIF) which is 95-rated.

The first plan is very simple. Trade in a combination of 10 TOTW tokens, available from the TOTW live event, and TOTW players to receive a guaranteed TOTW pack.

A handy tip I’ve found is saving up the packs you make and opening them when the new TOTW is just released. This will give you higher profits from selling the players, compare to opening them when the TOTW has been out for a few days.

One of the 11 TOTW players will be the MIF and will be 95-rated. To get this player, you need to trade in one of each remaining TOTW player. If you are going to do this plan, it is best to try and do it in the first few hours after release, as this is when it is most profitable, and it will quickly become a (possibly high) loss-making plan.

As a reward for completing the TOTW plans, you will also receive a POTM token.

At the beginning of each month, a new POTM plan will become available for a week. You complete this plan and unlock the POTM card, you need to trade in four POTM tokens that you earned from the MIF plans, along with the selected POTM player's IF card from that month. The POTM card is 99 rated, but also untradeable, so bear that in mind if you are planning on completing them.

If you haven't completed all of the plans, there will be special packs released into the store, which will give you a random Elite TOTW player.

World Qualifiers

This plan is being released in three stages. Stage I came out last year, Stage II came out for the March internationals, and Stage III will come out in June.

Stage 1 - Trade in five nation-specific flags, 10 of any flag, and one nation-specific ticket to receive a World Qualifiers Player and a Master Key.

Stage 2 - There are two parts to this stage. Firstly, Trade in 10 nation-specific flags and 50 other flags to receive an untradeable 88-rated version of each player. Then, trade in the 88-rated card, 20 nation-specific flags and one nation-specific ticket to upgrade the player to 94-rated overall and make them tradeable.

There is also a ‘Program Master’ plan for this, where you have to trade in 10 flags from each stage to get to Token.


'Scouting’ plans are rather simple. You can trade in the Scouting tokens that you earned from the live event into one of the 3 plans. Most of the players you get are silver or gold, but there is a chance of getting one of the 86-rated Elite players.

Trash Plans

Finally, there are two much--needed Trash plans. The first plan allows you to trade in any token from a current plan, along with a silver trophy, to receive a different token for a current event.

The other plan involves trading in 100 tokens from any previous event. As a reward, you will receive a gold or better player from any current program.

So, that’s most of it! As always, let us know in the comments if we missed anything / if we could’ve explained anything better.