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FIFA Mobile’s Rivalry Week is here, with 97 Neymar and 97 Isco

El Classico?!? Let’s go!

EA Sports

FIFA Mobile’s next big promotion is here.

Despite “EAster” being days from wrapping up, the FIFA Mobile event team couldn’t wait to get hardcore mobile players’ hands on the next exciting event.

Essentially the La Liga League Master Series we should’ve gotten last fall, this latest promo, “Rivalry Week”, focuses on the biggest and best La Liga Santander has to offer. From Neymar to N’Zonzi, you’re able to chase building high rated La Liga cards using base elite and gold cards from that league as well as generic and club-specific tokens. And with “Maestro Players” from any of the participating clubs, it’s possible to build other clubs’ upgraded player from them.

Unlike the previous La Liga Master players, these cards don’t just boost each other, but rather all La Liga players. 97 ST Neymar, 97 CM Isco, and 96 Nico Gaitan all caught our attention. Even the more base cards in the promo look awfully enticing.

The participating Live Events for the promotion, which starts Thursday, April 20 and wraps Sunday, April 30, get underway immediately Thursday afternoon (evening in the UK).