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New Marquee Matchups means a guaranteed Team of the Week player!

New SBCs featuring United vs. Chelsea and the Milan Derby.

EA have just dropped a new Marquee Matchups, based around some of the big league games this week.

Here are the Match-ups and Rewards:

Group Reward: 1 TOTW Player Pack

EA Sports FIFA

Inter Milan vs. AC Milan:

Requirements: 3 Inter or Milan players, 11 Calcio A players, 79-rated, 95-chemistry.

Rewards: 1 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Manchester United vs. Chelsea:

Requirements: 1 United player, 1 Chelsea player, 11 Premier League players, 4 rare players, 80-rated, 95-chemistry.

Rewards: 1 Premium Electrum Players Pack

Hannover vs. Braunschweig:

Requirements: 2 Players from Hannover or Braunschweig, 6 players from Bundesliga 2, Min. 4 nationalities, 85-chemistry.

Rewards: 1 All Players Pack

Spartak Moscow vs. Zenit:

Requirements: 2 Players from Spartak, 2 from Zenit, 6 players from Russia, 78-rated, 95-chemistry.

Rewards: 1 Rare Consumables Pack

EA Sports FIFA

As you can see, none of the challenges are too bad, and the rewards are pretty sweet. With a stacked TOTW, the TOTW pack is an incredible opportunity to pack someone fantastic.

However, be aware that there is currently a bug affecting these packs - some users have reported that the pack didn’t give them a TOTW player, and instead just gave them a regular rare gold player.

Due to the incredible reward up for grabs this week, I would recommend completing these as soon as the glitch is cleared up, and then selling all on the players you don’t use. I made about 60K on players that I just had lying around in my club (the relevant Bundesliga 2 players go for 2-3K, the Russians from Zenit and Spartak go for 7-9K).