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FIFA Mobile Japanese Golden Week Event, feat. 96 Honda, Okazaki and more!

The latest FIFA Mobile event is here.

United Arab Emirates v Japan - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images,

The latest event in FIFA Mobile is upon us.

'Golden Week' celebrates the week-long period of various Japanese holidays, and the FIFA Mobile team are celebrating with a variety of upgradeable players, live events and packs. The theme reflects a common activity which many people did while celebrating golden week -- going to the movies.

Each of the leagues boasts one featured Japanese 'Showstopper' player and two 'supporting characters' which you need to collect. These features players will be upgradeable by collecting a variety of Ticket Stub, Movie Poster and Stunt Double tokens, which you can gather from a variety of Live Events and packs.

Every day will feature a different Film Live Event, where you get Movie Posters. Each will go once, then there’ll be a double feature, followed by triple feature with a movie marathon rounding it out.

The different leagues and their respective genres are:

Premier League = Action

La Liga = Kung Fu

Bundesliga = Super Hero

Serie A = Sci-Fi

Ligue 1 = Thriller

The event begins on Friday, April 28 and runs until Monday, May 8.

Perhaps most interestingly of all, later in the week, EA has designs on seeing which of the five above players are most popular and then introducing a plan to obtain a 99-overall rated version of that player. It’s expected the plan will take all five showstoppers and a set number of Stunt Double tokens to obtain the 99-overall rated player.

Make sure you stay tuned to find out more as the event progresses.