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Daily Knockout Tournament - “No Entry Requirements”

There are no strings on this squad builder.

EA Sports FIFA

In this series, I will be creating squads for you to use in the Weekend League or Daily Knockout Tournaments. These squads will meet the requirements of these tournaments and competitions that they were built for, and will be divided up into tiers based on their prices.

Today, we’ll be looking at the daily knockout tournament (DKT) that kicks off on the 1st of May.

(There’s also another DKT kicking off on April 3rd - for squads fitting those requirements, check out our previous squad builder article about “Electrum Squads”!)

DKT Requirements
EA Sports FIFA

Prizes: 2,000 coins and Entry into the Weekend League.

Requirements: None.

As you can see, this tournament is designed to give you chance to try out potential weekend league squads. Therefore, the squads we build today will be designed to do one thing - win games.

In order to make these squads true Weekend League material, I will be scaling up the prices of each tier, and starting with a 65K squad. We’re now seven months into the FIFA cycle, and thanks to SBCs and the WL, making coins is easier than ever, so most of you will be able to afford these teams.

If you’re looking for some cheaper squads, feel free to check out our previous article on some of the hidden gems of FIFA 17!

65K Option

DKT Option 0

As far as cheap teams go, this is about as good as it gets. An incredibly overpowered keeper, two of the best full-backs in the game, with two quick and defensively solid center backs anchoring the defense. The midfield has Gullit Jr., an all-action midfielder in Fernandinho, and a midfield maestro in Moutinho. Finally, we have two 5* skillers up top in Costa and Quaresma, and the new TOTKS Aboubakar leading the line.

For its price, the team is incredibly solid. The defense is pacy and powerful, the midfield works hard, and the strike force is a wonderful blend of pace, power and skills.

100K Option

DKT Option 1

This team is built around two incredibly under-rated gems - TOTKS Howedes and TOTKS Dendoncker. Howedes is genuinely one of the best center-backs in the game this year, and Tah and Fahrman do a wonderful job alongside him in defense. The two full-backs are very well-rounded, and solid defensively. The midfield is incredible - Dendoncker is one of my favorite midfielders this year, and Dembele and Nainggolan and absolute gods. Finally, we have Carrasco, Lukaku and Mertens up front - they are pacy, good on the ball, and have decent shooting.

I really like the well-rounded nature of this team - you can press your opponents constantly, and every midfielder and attacker is capable of scoring goals. The defense is solid, and the keeper is one of the best around.

250K Option

DKT Option 2

Yet another squad with the French quintet of Lacazette up front, Martial and OTW Dembele on the wings, and Ben Arfa and Kante in the midfield. Rode is a Kante-like player this year, and is a true hidden gem. In the defense we have one of the RBs in the game in SIF Piszcek, with Luke Shaw on the other side. The center-backs are two Frenchman from La Liga in Varane and Umtiti, and we have the new IF Ter Stegen in goal.

This squad has it all - 5* skills in Dembele and Ben Arfa, two overpowered attackers in Lacazette and Martial, two tireless defensive midfielders in Kante and Rode, and a solid defense.

500K Option

DKT Option 3

It’s a predominantly Brazilian squad, with Asmir Begovic in goal (as there aren’t too many great Brazilian GKs). Brazil has two of the best full-backs in the game, and David Luiz and Thiago Silva are an incredible CB partnership. The midfield and attack is sensational - Casemiro is the best defensive midfielder in the game, and Fabinho isn’t too far behind. Firmino, Giuliano and Taison make for a frightening attacking trio, and with Jesus leading the line, you can’t go wrong.

800K Option

DKT Option 4

We get it - you’ve got money to burn. This is one of the favorite squads I’ve built and used - the defense is rock solid (TIF Sokratis is the greatest defender in the game). The midfield is sensational - Vidal is one of a kind, and Herrera and Isco are pretty hard working. Thiago is a creative genius, and a joy to play with. Up front, we have the 87 Iago Aspas (who plays like a 90-rated striker) and the FUT Birthday David Villa, who is about as good as his FIFA 13 card.

We’ll be back next week, with a squad builder for the next DKT. Good luck!