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The first FIFA Mobile Golden Egg has been found

See who the player chosen was.

FIFA Mobile’s Golden Egg promotion is one of the coolest the first year mobile game’s done yet.

Basically the gist is such -- If you redeem any Easter Egg Player plan, you have a chance (albeit not a great chance) at an extremely limited edition/rare Golden Egg. By flipping over the Golden Egg token in game, you’re given contact instructions which if you follow them, culminate in you getting a 99-overall rated FIFA Mobile player of your choosing. The only limitation (besides your own imagination) is that it has to be designed around a base card in the game (e.g. no RWB Juan Cuadrado or GK Lionel Messi).

Getting such a Golden Egg would spawn near endless debate. Is it worth maximizing a known star player who might well get a 99 (or near 99) overall card on their own? Or should you try and almost “glitch” a particularly fast player (think Leicester City’s Ahmed Musa) or a lesser known Silver card with high pace in an effort to create an unstoppable attacker or defender?

With 10 or so expected to be redeemed as a result of the “EAster” promotion, we now know the answer to whom the first recipient of such a token has elected to turn into a 99-overall card: Luis Muriel, the FIFA console legend and OP beast 83-overall ST from before the version 5 update. His new 99-overall rated card checks in at a whopping 114 speed with 112 acceleration.

What say you? Would you have gone in a different direction?

Remember: it’s not too late. If you redeem some of the Easter Egg Plans in the Seasonal tab of the Plans section in the game, it’s not impossible you could be the next big FM winner.