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Spencer FC’s new YouTube series combines our two favorite things

Hint: it’s FUT and football.

FUT Champions commentator and popular FIFA YouTuber Spencer Owen, otherwise known as Spencer FC, launched his new series, ‘FUTballers,’ Thursday.

Loosely inspired by his other series, ‘Football vs. FIFA,’ FUTballers takes the earlier concept to a whole new level. Instead of the usual head-to-head FIFA games, this series will feature FUT cards instead. It will also resemble more of a league format. This league will be comprised of Spencer and his Hashtag United teammates — in addition to some non-Hashtag guests!

At the start of the series, there will be 10 total contestants, who will each be given randomly generated FUT players (seven bronzes, five silvers, and five golds) courtesy of the Futhead generator. Each FUT card will also be unique to their respective contestant, who will also have the chance to choose a captain for their squad.

Every single episode will start with a real-life football challenge. Depending on the results of the challenge, contestants will receive rewards (and sometimes punishments) based on their performances. Spencer’s channel (linked above) will only feature his matches; to see the others’, you’ll have to head over to their YouTube channels. After each round, the league table will be updated accordingly.

The other members taking part in the series include: