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What upgrades could we use in FIFA 18’s companion app?

We look at three things that could revolution the mobile FUT app.

EA Sports
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The FIFA 17 Companion app for iOS and Android, aside from a few aesthetic tweaks, didn’t take much of a step forward from the previous year’s version of the app.

As more FIFA 18 leaks and rumors swirl about, it’s getting close to the time of year where we start to project what new tweaks, features, and improvements next year’s FUT might have. While we don’t know much about what the new companion app might have in store, there are several features that would be great to have access to at your fingertips.

Purchasing FIFA Points

Something that is lacking in the current companion app is the ability to buy FIFA Points. Being able to purchase packs and buy players on the transfer market necessitates buying FIFA Points on the go. Punching in a credit card or a FIFA Points code is obviously much easier on a mobile phone.

Obviously, the marketplaces are separate, but the fact that the FIFA mobile app currently allows users to purchase points makes me think that it’s not out of the question to one day make this possible for FUT console players.

The main concern is the possibility for a glitch that would allow users to manipulate the marketplace. This is likely the least feasible feature to see in the companion app, but if EA was able to secure purchases and also dish out harsh penalties for those who attempt to abuse the system and ruin the market balance, it could be a really big upgrade in next year’s app.

Improved SBC Interface

The mobile app is great for tinkering around with different SBC combinations, especially when you’re away from your console. As a new addition in the FIFA 17 version of the app, it was well received and served as a very useful element of the app.

Searching for players in your club is simple and nearly identical to the console interface and the drag-and-drop feature when rearranging players in the formation make it my preferable way to complete SBCs.

There’s plenty of room for EA to improve upon what they started this year in next year’s app. The ability to use the squad builder instead of starting from scratch would save a lot of time and may even make the companion app the primary option for completing SBCs.

Simultaneous Use

The ability to use the companion app while having FUT open on your console would be an enormous upgrade in 2018. Players from other game communities like Destiny have been able to simultaneously use companion apps (like Ishtar Commander) while playing to tinker with their characters and access other features seamlessly while continuing to play.

Adjusting squad lineups or creating concept squads on your phone while searching for players on the transfer market on your console would be a great feature and would make it a truer companion app than 2017’s version.

What do you think? Leave us a comment about what you would like to see in the FUT 18 Companion app.