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Here's how the new FIFA Mobile Attack Mode Seasons work

Everything you know about how FIFA Mobile’s seasons have changed.

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EA announced yesterday that FIFA Mobile will be undergoing massive changes for the new season of the very popular ‘Attack Mode.’ For Season One, EA turned ‘Attack Mode’ into a seasonal challenge mode that rewards players with cool and exclusive rewards.

The biggest takeaway from the EA’s press release is that the length of a single season is essentially being cut in half. Originally, 28 days was thought to be the ‘ideal length of time for a season,’ however, over the past month, they were proven wrong on the matter. Their data suggested that the most hardcore Attack Mode Players were reaching ‘FIFA Champion’ status in a matter of days with others reaching it after about a week.

While this doesn’t favor the casual FIFA Mobile player, this change greatly increases the pace for those who religiously play. But never fear, newbies! If you’re just starting to get into the game, only just got the hang of ‘Attack Mode’ Season One, or feel lost again thanks to the update, we’ve got some advice for you (courtesy of our resident FIFA Mobile expert, Darren8196). Here’s some insight about the most popular methods to succeed:


Fan Favorite players are great for sniping in the first day or two of the new season, with people using up their left over Season 1 reward tokens on Player packs. Unless there are a new set of these players, golds are fairly unprofitable, but some of the Elite's can be excellent for boosting your team for a low price while getting you a few more fans each game, or holding onto for a profit after a week or two.

Last month, Diarra, Hamsik and Vitolo were going for under 20k and rising to around 40k, so you can make a good profit on your investment if you are able to snipe them at a low price.


With the length of seasons being reduced from 28 days to just 15, you'll really need to put in the hours on some days to try and reach the all important FIFA Champion status. The chance of a free 99 rated Griezmann should be enough motivation to try and reach him as quickly as possible, as a large number of people will start receiving him in a couple of weeks when Season Two ends in March 15th.

Although it feels like very slow progress at first, it is worth persisting with and not giving up too soon, as the hard part is always starting off. If you're still short on fans to reach the next level, the hours before the end of the season are a great time to increase your fan count, as all matches end at 6:55pm EST/11:55pm GMT, and there is a good chance that some of your opponents won't play their turns - meaning you are able to build your fans without losing as many from opponents playing against you.

One thing that I have found from personal experience is that it is good to find players who play their turns quickly, but that you can also beat. When you have found some of these players, keep re-matching them, as they are a much easier and safer way to earn fans, than challenging new players who may take a while to take their turns and you may lose fans against.

Always remember, the more goals you score, the more fans you receive (up to 7 goals), so always aim to score 7+ goals, even if you only need a few to win a match. (edited)


Obviously, aiming for FIFA Champion makes the most options available to you in terms of reward players, but getting to lower tiers is still rewarded well in the newly introduced system.

Instead of receiving a set amount of tokens for each tier you go up, you will now receive a player pack, containing base and/or fan favorite items. Depending on your final rank, you will receive a certain token, which you can put towards one of the 4 reward players.

The rewards are split up as follows:

  • Earn a Pro Token for finishing in: Pro I, World Class III and World Class II.
  • Earn a World Class Token for finishing in: World Class I, Legendary III and Legendary II.
  • Earn a Legendary Token for finishing in: Legendary I.
  • Earn a FIFA Champion Token for finishing in: FIFA Champion
EA Sports

To receive one of this months reward players, you need to earn 2 tokens for that level or above.

So to receive Özil, you’ll need to use two FIFA Champion tokens; for Firmino, you’ll need to use a total of two Legendary or FIFA Champion tokens; for Brahimi, you need to use two World Class, Legendary or FIFA Champion tokens; and for Jovetic, you need to use two Pro, World Class, Legendary or FIFA Champion tokens.

So even if you reach whichever level you want to redeem the player of your choice, there is no harm in grinding to the next level to try and get an improved token, with the chance of using it at a later date.

From what EA released in their update post, it appears that the tokens you receive from being a FIFA Champion are the same for redeeming Griezmann and Özil, so you will need to make a decision between which of those two you make a priority to get.

EA Sports

From now onwards, the reward players will be available to redeem for three seasons, and a new set of the reward players will be made available after at the beginning of every 2nd season.

So for the March reward players, you can earn the tokens you need to unlock them in S2, S3 and S4, before the players are removed. The April reward players will be available during S4, S5, and S6, and so on.

Even if you don't like the look of any of the players that are available for a particular month, you can save up your reward tokens and use them at a later date for players that you would prefer.


As always, EA will try and tempt people with packs containing fan favorite players to try and get you to part with your hard earned coins or FIFA Points.

Don't fall for the trap!

With everyone getting their token rewards, depending on their final ranking, lots of the player packs will be being opened with left over tokens so it should be easy enough to get players cheaply - even the high rated elite's - on the market instead of risking buying packs and hoping for a chance at a good player but ending up with a mediocre one and losing coins.