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How to watch and stream the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Rest of World Vancouver Regional Final

The ‘Rest of World’ players inaugurate Season Two of FUT Champions.

‘FUT Champions’ returns Friday with a brand-new Season Two premiere, and 32 new competitors, 16 from PS4 and Xbox One each, duking it out to become the ‘Rest of World’ champion and win themselves 100,000 dollars.

Among the Xbox One competitors, the big names are Joseph ‘Goat’ Nassar, who recently the FUTWIZ esports team, Jamie “xxJaaMiiExx” O'Doherty, who had a rough outing in the Sydney Regional Final but is back for more, Campbell "honurbly airbrn" Knowles, who fielded a shocking average team in Sydney.

On the side of PS4, one of the most prominent would Sony "S_O_N_Y_528" Chui, the returning player who made it to the console final last time. Marcus “marcus_7170” Henriques, who recently paused his studies in dreams of becoming a professional FIFA player joins him in this division as well.

The rules are as follows. All four players play everyone in their group with a win worth three points, a draw worth two, and a loss worth zero. The top two players in each group advance to the double-elimination Knockout Round.

After both knockout tournaments are down to the finalists from each console, the winner of the Xbox One field will take on the winner of the PlayStation 4 bracket in a two-leg final with one fixture on Xbox One and one on PS4.

After both matches, the player with the higher aggregate score from the two is crowned the champion. If the aggregate score is tied, the player with more goals scored on their “non-native” platform (e.g. “away goals”) is the winner. If the match remains tied on “away goals”, a golden-goal third match will be played on the same platform as the second game and the winner decided by the first to score.

Tune in to watch the Season Two premiere, streaming on Twitch and YouTube at 10:45 a.m. ET Friday, and the Regional Grand Final on ESPN2 at 8 p.m. ET.