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Daily Knockout Tournament Squad Builder - “Hidden Gems”

Today, we’ll be focusing on some of the hidden gems of FIFA 17.

SSC Napoli v Real Madrid CF - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

In this series, I will be creating squads for you to use in the Weekend League or Daily Knockout Tournaments. These squads will meet the requirements of these tournaments and competitions that they were built for, and will be divided up into tiers based on their prices.

Today, we’ll be looking at the daily knockout tournaments (DKTs) that kick off on the 3rd and 5th of April.


1,000 coins, Gold Pack, and Entry into the Weekend League (April 3rd)

500 coins, Electrum Players Pack, and Entry into the Weekend League (April 5th)

Requirements: None (for either tournament).

As you can see, neither of these tournaments have any requirements, which means you can use any squad you want. This gives you a chance to try out a couple of new players and teams before you dive into the Weekend League.

Today, we’ll be looking at a range of squads, each built around a couple of hidden gems. In order to maximize the effectiveness of these formations, we’ll be using one of the more overpowered formations this year - the 4-3-2-1.

Team 1: 15K Squad

So you’re a little strapped for cash, but still want a team that can compete in the DKT. Look no further than this Ligue 1/La Liga/Bundesliga/Calcio A hybrid.

Tier 1

Hidden Gems: Koulibaly, Tonelli, Guerreiro, Cyprien, Fekir, Niang

This team pretty much has everything. The defense is very strong - you have a decent keeper in Pepe Reina (feel free to use his 83-rated card if you’re short on coins), two overpowered center-backs in Koulibaly and Tonelli, two capable full-backs in Abate (remember his godly FIFA 13 card?) and the young Guerreiro. The midfield is extremely over-powered - Renato Sanches is a mainstay in most WL teams, Cyprien is a essentially the Ligue 1 version of Renato with better passing, shooting and dribbling (check out our review of him), and Tolisso is an all-round monster. Finally, up front you have a pace demon in Kingsley Coman, and strong and skillful winger in Fekir, and a true beast in Niang.

I used this team a couple of weeks ago, and it was truly incredible - the midfield overpowers most squads, and the attack is way too fast and strong for most defenses to handle. The defense is capable of shutting out most attacks, even if you aren’t the best defender yourself.

Team 2: 50K Squad

You’re still on a budget, but you’re willing to splash out on a couple of the higher-end players. Here’s our Premier League/Calcio A hybrid squad:

Tier 2

Hidden Gems: Parolo, Gueye, Lallana, Firmino

This team is one of the strongest you can build for just 50K. Jack Butland is arguably the best keeper in the game (IMO, only Van der Sar is better), and in front of him you have a defensive genius in Bonucci, and then the legendary “Mike” Smalldini himself. On the left, you have one of the best left-backs in the game in Alex Sandro, and a solid right-back in Clyne. The midfield is sensational - Gueye is essentially a cheaper version of Kanté, with the same defending prowess, but slightly worse attacking abilities. His stamina, aggression, strength, interceptions and tackling means he is everywhere at once, closing down attacks as soon as they begin. Lallana is one of my favorite midfielders this year, with his pace, dribbling, passing, high stamina, decent strength, 4* skills and 5* weak foot. Parolo is an all-round machine who can attack and defending like the best of them. Finally, you have two quick, powerful wingers in Keita and Mane, as well as an incredible striker in Roberto Firmino.

Team 3: 200K Squad

So you have a bit of money to spend, and you’re looking to try out a creative team that packs a punch. Here’s our Bundesliga and Calcio A hybrid squad:

Tier 3

Hidden Gems: Kolasinac, Stindl, Bentaleb, Embolo

Note: If you are short on coins, you can always replace Movember Bellarabi with his regular card, and IF Burki with Karenezis.

This squad isn’t just colorful - it’s fun to use, and really effective in game. IF Burki is one of the better players you can get this year, and in front of him, you have a Greek wall in the form of Sokratis and Manolas. On the right you have Florenzi, who is a god every year, and on the left you have IF Kolasinac, whose incredible physical and defensive stats make him a rock at the back. The midfield is made up of Nainggolan, who is one of my favorite box-to-box midfielders in the game, MOTM Stindl, who has some incredible passing and shooting stats, and SIF Bentaleb, who has fantastic passing, dribbling and physical stats. Between the three of them, you have a dynamic midfield that is capable of running all game long, and has significant offensive, defensive and creative capabilities. Finally, you have a deadly Bundesliga trio up front. The wingers are Douglas Costa, who brings some incredible pace and dribbling as well as those 5* skills, and Movember Bellarabi, whose blistering pace and fantastic dribbling make him a menace on the right. Leading the line you have OTW Embolo, who is (IMO) one of the best strikers in the game - he’s fast, strong, has a lethal shot, and packs those 4* skills to boot.

Team 4: 500K Squad

We get it - you have money to burn, but you’re looking for an interesting team that will dominate the DKT. Take a look at our Premier League/Bundesliga/Ligue 1/ Calcio A hybrid squad:

Tier 4

Hidden Gems: Aurier, Rose, Ben Arfa, OTW Dembele (you can always replace the OTW with the IF).

When you’re paying 500K, you can expect to have some of the best players in the game. Samir Handanovic is truly one of the best keepers in the game, and in front of him, you have the part of great wall of Turin - Chiellini and Bonucci (you need Barzagli to have the whole wall). On the left, we have upgraded Danny Rose, who is surprisingly good in game, and on the right, we have Serge Aurier, who is one of my favorite right-backs this year. His combination of pace, defending, and incredible physicality makes him a very unique player, and a joy to use. The midfield is made up of the OG himself, Hatem Ben Arfa (who is ridiculous this year), N’golo Kanté (what god-squad would be complete without him?), and Moussa Dembele, who is a box-to-box beast in his own right. Finally, we have Hazard and OTW Dembele on the wings, with the Gabonese pace-merchant Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang up front. This strike force is ridiculously fast, with the winger having fantastic dribbling, passing and shooting, and Aubameyang having the strength and finishing to function as a lone striker.

So there you have it - our suggestions for the teams you may want to use for the DKTs next week. Personally, I will be using this squad (my main WL team):

My WL Squad

If you do try these squads out, be sure to let us know how they do, and let us know if you encounter any hidden gems we need to take a look at! Good luck!