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A guide to ‘Player Types’ in FIFA Mobile

One of the first things you notice about FM is the number of card-colors.

Arsenal v Lincoln City - The Emirates FA Cup Quarter-Final Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

There are a wide variety of player types available in FIFA Mobile. The four main ‘Base’ card types are Bronze (<59 rated), Silver (60-69), Gold (70-79) and Elite (80+).

Game Changers (GCs) can play a big role in your team. These players can help boost one stat on all players by +2, while giving a -1 to another stat on all players. If you buy the right ones, you can end up boosting your players by several ratings - I have seen one player go up by +4 and even +5 before due to Game Changers.

From September to February, there was a new Man of the Match (MOTM) player released each week.

In Form players are also available, however they are often different ones from the Console version of the game.

The TOTW is normally released on Tuesday, at some point between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. ET. It consists of 11 players in a proper formation, with 10 regular players and one higher rated Master In Form (MIF).

By completing TOTW plans, you can earn yourself tokens to unlock the Player of the Month (POTM), which is only available for a week at the start of the next month - so the March POTM plan will be available from around April 3rd to April 10th.

Obviously, there are Team of the Year (TOTY) players out as well. Despite TOTY being in January, you can still build TOTY players through their plans, however they are very expensive and take a while to finish.

There are 3 99 rated players which you can also get, with all of them needing you to complete a plan to unlock - I will give more information on these plans in a future guide.

The players are:

Domination James Rodríguez, who can also be moved to a CAM position in a one time use plan.

Mobile Master Anthony Martial and Marco Reus, who both take a long time to unlock, as the plans need many different items which can only be got over a period of a couple of months.

Five new Impact Players are released every week on Thursday. These players receive an upgrade to their performance in their game on that weekend - based on how many Shots, Key Passes and Interceptions they make, with a maximum of +10.

If you invest correctly, you can turn over a very tidy profit if they receive a good upgrade, especially if they go up from a Gold to an Elite. The players are upgraded on the following Tuesday, so you can see what they get then by following the EA FIFA Mobile twitter. I make predictions for what the upgrades for these players may be, which can also be seen here on FUT Nation on Fridays.

Rookies and Veterans players can provide you with a boost of 1% extra Coins or XP respectively. You can get these players by completing the Rookies or Veterans plan with tokens received from winning the live event. At the start, these players can be a good help for building your coins and leveling up slightly faster.

National Champions are available for a set group of countries. The players offer a +1 stat boost to anyone in your team of the same nationality.

International Champions are much higher rated than National Champions. However, as they can only be completed in a plan, it may be cheaper to buy them straight from the market than to complete the plan. There is one player who may be cheaper to build and that is Bailly, who many consider to be one of the top three CB’s in the game, so his demand makes him far more expensive than the rest.

Team Heroes are given to players from a team that EA have chosen - a special 88 rated card. These players then give a +2 in a set stat to all players from their club who you have in your team.

As with the International Champion Eric Bailly, a couple of the players are very high in demand, so some plans such as Galatasaray (Chedjou) and Dortmund (Aubameyang) sell for a much higher price than others. However, as they are down to luck, it is probable that you will save coins buying them from the market and not completing the plan.

Recently, we have had a few Record Breaker (RB) cards released, for players who have broken a wide variety of records - ranging from transfer fee to appearances to goals.

Ultimate Flashbacks (UFB) are players which had a great season in years gone by, and EA have rewarded them with a UFB card which is 90+ rated and has a big stats upgrade from their base card. You can pack them - it’s fairly rare though - or build them in the plan.

Fan Favorite Players are great for helping you boost your fan count in Attack Mode, while also upgrading your team. Each Fan Favorite you have in your team gives you a +1% boost in fans, up to a maximum of +20%.

With these players being given out as rewards for leveling up in Attack Mode, they are extremely common now, so the gold players can all be sniped for under 1,500 coins, and some of the Elites for as little as 5k.

I have also written articles, giving an Introduction to Attack Mode and how Attack Mode Seasons work if you want more information about Attack Mode, the rewards that you can get and some advice on what you can do to do well.

Throughout the year, there are many special events that EA release to keep the game interesting and people buying packs.

The most popular one of these is League Masters (LGMS). So far, we have had La Liga, Premier League, Serie A and MLS, with both the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 having league specific players confirmed but not released yet. Sadly, the La Liga players only boost the other LGMS from the league, but the PL, Serie A and MLS boost all other players from that league, so having some of them in your team can offer you some good boosts to any players you have from that league.

There have also been a couple of individual special releases, which are incredibly rare. Golden Boy Renato Sanches was released after he won the Golden Boy award last year. Man of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo was released after he won the Ballon D'Or.

Previous events also include Ultimate Scream, Movember, Out of Position, Ultimate Freeze, Lunar New Year, African Cup of Nations, Heartbreakers, and Carniball. These players are available on the market, but the Plans and Live Events for them have all ended, so you can no longer get them in packs or through plans.