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Celebrate FUT Birthday with a new squad, SBC’s, and daily gifts

It’s lit!

EA Sports teased everyone with their annual FUT Birthday event, pushing it back a week later than everyone expected. But, the wait was definitely worth it as they’ve gone all out with a brand new item type, loads of SBC’s, and have even brought back daily gifts.

The huge news is that FUT have a brand new item type. FUT Birthday cards are here with throwback items of players from years past who have excelled in FIFA. For me, the most attractive card has to be the 88-rated Fernando Torres card with 89 pace. Wowza. The community have been begging for a throwback type of card for years. While this doesn’t give us the branding, it brings back some fan favorites as players we can play with again.

The team also features an 87-rated David Luiz, an 87-rated Nani, 90-rated Eto’o, and so much more. EA have really outdone themselves with this release. And not only do we get a whole new team of new items, we get SBC’s!

Three premium special player items will be available through SBC’s through the event that ends on April 14th. There will also be special kit SBC’s and more. In addition to the daily SBC’s, there will be rewards for completing those groups. Here are those rewards:

Exactly 3 Daily Birthday SBCs completed - Mega Pack

Exactly 4 Daily Birthday SBCs completed - Prime Player Pack

Exactly 5 Daily Birthday SBCs completed - Rare Players Pack

Exactly 6 Daily Birthday SBCs completed - Rare Mega Pack

Exactly 7 Daily Birthday SBCs completed - Jumbo Rare Players Pack

Exactly 8 Daily Birthday SBCs completed - Ultimate Pack

The extra Daily Birthday SBC rewards are untradeable and do not stack.

If all this wasn’t enough, they have brought back daily web app and companion app rewards. So, be sure to log in every day and claim them. What a two weeks this should be!