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Here’s what FIFA Mobile’s fifth update has in store

New cover-boy and everything!

EA Sports

This week marked the fifth time EA made big changes to FIFA Mobile. Last time around, there were some notable updates, including all-new player rewards and fresh Fan Favorite items, but for ‘Update 5’ — there’s been a major overhaul.

First and foremost, you may have noticed that Dortmund’s golden boy Marco Reus isn’t on the cover anymore. He’s been replaced by arguably the hottest player in Europe, Chelsea’s Eden Hazard.

This may just look like a change in the overall aesthetic, however, earlier this week, EA also announced a brand new program featuring Hazard as the game’s first 100-overall rated player. There are ten levels to the program, and regardless of what positional path you choose, better do some reading on it because it’s here to stay. Lucky for y’all, we’ve got our own little post on it.

The rest of the subtle changes that EA made are as follows:

Improved the logic that determines which player starts with the ball in each possession of Attack Mode so that it aligns better with the Formation and Tactic used in that turn.

Tuned possessions in Attack Mode so that there is a greater difference in quality between Normal and High scoring possessions.

Added a visual indicator that breaks down the type of quality possessions you and your opponent will have in Attack Mode.

Removed Counter Attacks from triggering during stoppage time.

Revised the tuning for chips shots to make them more responsive.

Removed the camera pan before each penalty kick.

Added recommended team ratings for Seasons Mode.

Added Auto Login. You will no longer need to select your account each time you boot up the game.

Addressed fouls not being called in certain situations.

Addressed an issue causing AI to sometimes cross the ball to nobody.

Decreased the likelihood of an AI teammate running in front of a shot.

Improved the responsiveness of swipe gesture controls.

Other stability and polish improvement to make FIFA Mobile a better experience.

Instead of just reading out EA’s press release to you, we also got our resident FIFA Mobile expert, Darren8196, to break down the two biggest changes from this update.

Daily Activities

One of the main additions in V5 of FIFA Mobile is a set of seven ‘Daily Activities’ to complete. These activities involve completing takes in all areas of the game - Plans, Attack Mode, Live Events and the store. As a reward, you receive a mix of coins, FIFA Points, Items and Stamina.

Daily Activity Tasks and Rewards

Task Reward
Task Reward
Open 1 Pack from the Store 200 Coins, 2 FIFA Points
Score 25 Goals 40 XP, 500 Coins
Complete 10 Turns in Attack Mode 1000 Coins, 3 FIFA Points, 10 Hazard Trading Tokens
Complete 7 Live Events 500 Coins, 2 FIFA Points, 30 Stamina
Complete 4 Different Live Events 500 Coins, 3 FIFA Points
Complete 2 Plans 500 Coins, 2 Trophy Pack
Complete All Other Activities 20 FIFA Points, 1 random Position Token (for Hazard)
Daily Activity Tasks and Rewards

These tasks reset at 3 p.m. ET every day, and you have to claim the rewards before they reset or will lose them.

Gameplay Changes

Instead of being in the constant unknown about what sort of chances you'll get, or how many counters you'll face, EA have added a handy info bar that you will see at the start of each turn.

Against opponents with a higher rated Starting XI, your chances of getting a "Great Chance" are very low to none, but you have a very high likelihood of having to defend against at least one counter attack.

(A "Great Chance" is when you have to get past a maximum of one defender before facing the keeper.)

However, against lower-rated opponents, you will get several 'Great Chances' and face no counter attacks.

Most of the time, you can tell how good an opponents rating will be by looking at their team overall rating, but there are ways of making your team look worse than it is, so it's good to check your opponents players to see if you guess what formation they will be using, and how high their overall is.

This will let you better pick which opponents you play, and make it easier for you to score against, face less counter attacks and win more games against.