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FIFA Mobile's Easter Program is live, with RWB Walker and more

A special Golden Egg will let you get a 99-overall rated player of anyone in FIFA Mobile. Seriously.

EA Sports

If FIFA Mobile’s done one thing well, it’s follow in the Madden Ultimate Team console series’ footsteps and put out some outstanding holiday programs and content.

Easter looks to be no exception, with FM’s Easter Program now in full effect.

Hunting for “Easter eggs” is the predominant theme in this one, with CF Andrea Belotti, RWB Kyle Walker, GK Thibaut Courtois, and CDM Casemiro each represented by four different color card versions. If you collect all four (as well as their “Easter basket”), you’re able to unlock a high rated Master version of that player.

EA Sports

This program’s Easter Legend is LW Alexis Sanchez. Unlike the high rated St. Patrick’s Day Seamus Coleman or Carnival (aka “Carniball”) Thiago Silva, Sanchez’s requirements are more in-line with the 96-overall Lukas Polodski’s, also from Carniball.

Finally, in perhaps the biggest news yet, fresh from the “Golden Ticket” playbook from Madden, for the first time ever, a FIFA game is offering a comparable contest to let a lucky player create the super-OP player of their choosing.

Should you find a special Golden Egg and contact a corresponding e-mail address, you'll be able to get a player of your choosing at whatever rating you want -- and why wouldn't you choose 99-overall? The item will of course be untradeable with the only real catch being you have to pick a player that's available at a specific position already in the game's database. Sorry, folks; no 99-overall Messi GK card.

If you weren’t already excited for the Easter program, get on it. The festivities run from Thursday, April 13 through Monday, April 24.