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The complete guide to completing the Harry Kane SBC on FIFA 17

A team-by-team walkthrough of the Squad Building Challenge.

Tottenham Hotspur v Everton - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Earlier this month, EA released the Premier League SBC. Today, we’ll be looking at how to complete this SBC, and unlock that 40,000 coin reward and the SBC Harry Kane.

The Premier League SBC has some incredible pack rewards, as well as the highest coin reward of any SBC. However, the player it offers at the end is an 87-rated Harry Kane, who currently has a 91-rated card, and whose 87-rated IF card is only 95K.

Fortunately, the Premier League SBC is relatively easy to complete, and can be done for a small profit. Only one of the teams is unnecessarily expensive (looking at you Bournemouth), as all the rest of the teams have mostly gold starting XIs.

The entire SBC costs around 200-215K to complete, and you receive a total of 44K coins back, as well as close to 350K worth of packs.

Overall Strategy:

This is an SBC where strategic bidding is key - if you bid on the players you need, instead of buying them right away, you’ll save 15-20%. This is especially true for the silver players you will need to buy - I managed to stick a couple of late-night bids on two silver Bournemouth CBs who I picked up for 1,500 and 1,800 coins, when their lowest BINs were 10K.

That being said, when it comes to the regular gold cards, 59th-minute sniping is key. I completed each of the full gold teams for 1-2K cheaper than the lowest prices, just by sniping players in the 59th minute.

Finally, remember that all of these teams require only 95-chemistry. Take advantage of this - use cheaper players to pad out expensive positions, such as LB, RB, or CB. There is a rating requirement for each SBC, so keep that in mind.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the teams. For each team, I’ll explain how I approached it, the expected cost, the pack rewards, and whether it is worth completing. Next to each team’s name, I will put one of three symbols - I will include a “+” if this is a profitable SBC, a “~” if it is one where you can expect to break even, and a “!” if this is a guaranteed loss-maker.

Team-by-team walkthrough:

Arsenal (+): You can wrap this one up for 15K, thanks to Arsenal having a full-gold team. It needs to be relatively high-rated, which prevents this from dropping in price too much. You get a Prime Players Pack back, so it’s a profit-maker.

Bournemouth (!!!): The worst one in the league by far. You’ll need a lot of silvers and bronzes, so the price for this is close to 20K, and you only get a Two Rare Player pack back and 1,000 coins.

Burnley (~): You’re essentially paying 5K for a 7.5K pack here. They have a lot of golds, and the silvers are pretty cheap, so this is a very easy one to do. You’ll probably just about break even if you sell all the 12 items in the pack, so it’s worth it.

Chelsea (!): You only get a 25K Premium Players pack back, and those packs are notoriously fickle when it comes to giving out good players. To make matters worse, you’re going to have shell out around 17K to get this done, so you’re unlikely to turn a profit.

Crystal Palace (+): Another almost full gold team, with cheap silvers, so this is an easy one. It will cost around 6-8K to complete, and you get a pack back with 12 players, so you can definitely make your money back (even if each player only sells for 600 coins). If you get even moderately lucky, you can make a profit here.

Everton (+): Yet another largely gold team, with a few cheap silver possibilities. You get a 25K pack back for only putting in 10-12K, and you can probably make around 10-15K back from that, so you’ll turn a profit here.

Hull City (~): Hull has a lot of cheap golds, so this isn’t a bad one at all. This very much falls into the Burnley situation, where you are paying 5K for a 7.5K pack. Don’t expect to make a huge profit here, but you can easily break even just by selling everything in a mediocre pack.

Leicester (+): There are a lot of gold players at this club, and you can plug the gaps with a silver or two if you need to. You’ll only be paying 10K for a 15K pack, and with the price of consumables, you can make a profit here.

Liverpool (+): I always find that rare gold packs give out the best players. In Liverpool’s case, you can complete the challenge for 10-12K, and get a 25K pack. The rating is a little high, so be sure to buy the right versions of players for each position. Once again, feel free to pad out any missing positions with a goalkeeper and a silver or two.

Manchester City (~): Yet another full gold squad, but some players are a little pricey. You’ll be shelling out around 13-15K for a 25K Players pack, so you might not break even, but with a small bit of luck, you’ll make 10-15K back. You also get a 1,000 coins back, so that’s a nice little bonus.

Manchester United (!): Be careful with this one. You may be enticed by the 35K Mega Pack on offer, but you’re spending around 22K to get it, and unless you get really lucky, you’re not going to break even here. I’d wait until United players are no longer in the MMs, and then complete this for 15-20K. In either case, you’re probably not going to break even.

Middlesbrough (~): Yet another cheap, gold and silver squad. You’re paying 5K for a 7.5K pack, so you can hope to break even.

Southampton (+++): The joint-best value for money of all the SBCs. You can finish this with a good amount of golds mixed in with a few silvers and even a bronze or two (you only need a 74-rated squad). You’re basically getting a 25K pack for 5K, so that’s always good.

Spurs (+): Very similar to Everton - you can complete this with a predominantly gold starting XI, with a silver or two to pad it out. It costs around 10-12K, and you get a 25K players pack back, so you might just break even or turn a profit.

Stoke (+): Very good value for money here. Yet again, you can finish this using mostly golds, with some cheap-ish silvers and bronzes thrown in. You play 5-7K to finish this,a and get a 15K pack back, so expect to make a profit.

Sunderland (+): Another good value for money one. They have a lot of cheap golds, and some reasonably priced silvers, so you can finish this for 5-7K, and get a 12 player pack (12.5K) back, so there is a chance to make a profit.

Swansea (+++): Another great one. You can complete this for 6-7K, as they have an abundance of cheap golds and some decently priced silvers, and you walk away with a 25K rare gold pack. Can’t complain about that.

Watford (+): Once again, the abundance of cheap golds in all positions means that this can be done for 5-7K, with a few silvers to pad out the gaps. You get a 12 player pack (12.5K) back, so you can easily make a few coins here.

West Brom (+++): The joint-best value for money of all the SBCs. West Brom have a whole load of cheap golds, and the rating requirement is low enough that you can get away with using silvers and bronzes. All in all, it’ll set you back 5-7K for a 25K pack.

West Ham (+): We end with a profit maker. Once again, there are a lot of cheap golds you can use, and the silvers aren’t price fixed, so you can do this for 6-9K, and get a 15K pack. Easy money if you sell everything in the pack.


Overall, it is possible to do this for a profit. I did the entire SBC for a net cost of 1,500 coins, and I didn’t sell the majority of players I packed. I didn’t get lucky at all (highest rated was an 85-rated Ruffier, and no special cards), but I now have a stacked club and an 87-rated Harry Kane (who I will never ever use).

I would recommend doing it slowly, and saving the packs for TOTS. I would have done that, but I’m not a big player of FIFA over the summer, so I just wanted to get the packs open now.